Dreamcatcher Goes From Light To Dark For “Summer Holiday” Teasers

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Dreamcatcher points out the evident difference in concept images through its group shots for SUMMER HOLIDAY.

Girl group Dreamcatcher has been sharing individual teasers for its upcoming return with Summer Holiday. The girls kept surprising with their contrasting photos, and have now shared the group shots of each concept version.


The artists started with a bright image that fit perfectly with the season’s mood and the album’s title. They gave off that refreshing summer holiday feel while posing in front of a van, ready to take their leave for a trip.


The next image drew attention with its mysterious aura and the members who looked incredibly beautiful in this magical setting. Their fairy vibe was further complimented by the all-white outfits and accessories. Some members even wore flowery decorations in their hair.


What surprised the most was probably the last concept image, which showcased a full black charisma. This look may not be something out of the ordinary for the group in general, but it does raise questions how it fits in their summer album.

Previously, the girls shared a variety of solo photos prior to their group ones, drawing attention with cool summer vibes and showing their dreamy beauty. The last set, which was released on July 21, captivated with its dark feel and the members’ unique talent to digest any concept. They took breaths away with their intense aura and overwhelming appeal.

With this, the group concluded its photo reveals and will move onto dropping hints about the contents of the album. They will start with the track list on July 23 and later continue with a lyrics spoiler, music video, album and dance previews, starting from July 26.

Dreamcatcher plans to release its special album Summer Holiday on July 30 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Dreamcatcher Company