Dreamcatcher Shows Impressive Growth By Surpassing 200,000 Album Sales

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Dreamcatcher shows promising growth as they surpass 200,000 album sales this year, indicating further success to come.

Dreamcatcher continues to show a steady incline in their popularity, catching the interest of domestic and global fans. Their success is reflected through their album sales this year. The group’s agency, Dreamcatcher Company, announced the group “surpassed 210,000 album sales this year based on the Gaon Chart.”


The staggering sales include 128,455 copies sold of their sixth mini-album, Dystopia: Road to Utopia, which dropped in January. Subsequently, Dreamcatcher’s latest release Summer Holiday, sold 89,981 copies. Both sales figures combine to exceed an admirable 210,000 albums.

Previously, Dreamcatcher achieved the impressive milestone of reaching 75,551 initial sales for Summer Holiday on the Hanteo Chart, which aggregates domestic sales numbers. This beat their prior record of 64,596 sales with Dystopia: Road to Utopia. 

Dreamcatcher also broke their YouTube record recently. The group’s newest title track, “BEcause”, exceeded 20,000,000 million views in only nine days following its release, three times faster than their prior music video. Their previous track, “Odd Eye”, surpassed the same amount in 28 days.

Dreamcatcher continues to stand out with their unique rock-inspired sound. The group’s music, as well as their edgier concept and darker image, keeps longtime fans enthralled while attracting new fans as well.

Additionally, the members match their captivating eeriness with strong vocals and clean, synchronous dancing, showing their talent through immersive stage performances.

As a result, the group’s popularity continues to soar, demanding attention in the K-Pop industry. Expectations are high for the group’s future success and schedules. Many anticipate that their growing demand globally will keep rising, creating new achievements. Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher plans to greet fans through continuous activities, varying from music broadcasts to other entertainment content.

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Image and Video Source: Dreamcatcher Company