Choi In Is A Flower Boy In His E’LAST U “Remember” Teasers

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Choi In enchants fans with his pretty boy looks for E’LAST U debut!

E’LAST U gathers more attention with the reveal of its second member’s concept teasers. Choi In effortlessly stole hearts with his fresh vibes and unparalleled beauty.

Choi In

On May 13, the new unit shared the next concept images and trailer, featuring member Choi In. The boy posed with pretty flowers on a light background, while wearing all white clothes. The dark hairstyle in contrast to the rest of the picture complimented the idol’s looks even more, melting the hearts of fans.

In addition, Choi In showed more of his charm in his video trailer. The clip began with the artist laying down on a grass while reaching for the sun. The outside scenery gave a refreshing feeling to the theme of this unit’s debut, gaining positive responses from fans.

Previously, member Romin showed his beautiful features and lovely vocals in his own concept spotlight. Now that two of the members revealed their teasers, the anticipation has risen to a new level. Expectations for Seungyeop and Wonjun are also getting high.

After the individual contents, the group is prepared to share the last concept photo and the music video teaser for the title track “The Beginning of Spring”, scheduled to drop on May 17.

E’LAST U, which stands for “E’LAST Ultimate”, is preparing to make its debut and showcase a charm different from that shown through group activities.

In particular, E’LAST drew attention with its eye-catching concepts and dances, presenting a unique and intriguing music style. Attention is falling on what kind of sensibility will the group’s first unit present.

E’LAST U will release its first digital single Remember on May 19 at 6 PM KST.

Source & Image credit: E Entertainment