E’LAST U Draws Attention With 1st Digital Single “Remember” Schedule

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E’LAST U delivers its plan for counting the days until its debut with a soft colored schedule.

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Boy group E’LAST recently announced the formation of its first sub-unit, E’LAST U, creating excitement. Since then, fans had been keeping an eye out for more details and they were finally graced with a lovely looking schedule.


The image appeared on the group’s official social media at noon on May 10. It featured bright flowers which stood out on a  light background, creating questions about the unit’s concept.

According to the schedule, the group will release teaser photos and videos from May 12 to 15 to present the various charms of its members. In addition, the quartet will drop its last concept image on May 17, along with a music video teaser.

In addition, the schedule unveiled the title track’s name, “The Beginning of Spring”, increasing the curiosity about what kind of sensibility the unit will present for its debut.

E’LAST U stands for “E’LAST Ultimate” and consists of members Choi In, Seungyeop, Romin and Wonjun. The four artists with different charms will work together to give a fresh new appeal, different from that of the whole group.

E’LAST debuted in June last year with the mini album DAY DREAM and its title song “Swear”. The artists continued to draw attention with their unique musical color through the second mini AWAKE. The idols showcased a variety of charms with the title “Tears of Chaos” and its follow-up “Dangerous”, gaining them the love of global fans.

The first unit, E’LAST U, plans to release its digital single Remember on May 19 at 6 PM KST.

Source: xportsnews

Image credit: E Entertainment