ENHYPEN Achieves 450,000 Pre-Order Sales + Unveils First MV Teaser Ahead Of First Comeback

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ENHYPEN is really going nowhere but up as they achieve an outstanding feat with their second album “BORDER: CARNIVAL”!

Charming rookie boy group ENHYPEN recently recorded a massive amount of pre-orders for their upcoming albumfurther proving the rising anticipation for their first comeback.


Titled BORDER: CARNIVAL, it will mark the group’s second album in their entire discography since their debut in November. 

As of current writing, the album has already surpassed 450,000 sales. This beats the initial pre-order numbers of their debut project BORDER: DAY ONE, which only recorded 300,000 copies. With this achievement, the young boy group was able to beat their personal record.

Specifically, BORDER: CARNIVAL was able to garner 370,000 copies during the first three days, followed by 400,000 copies on the 5th day. This alone proves ENHYPEN’s superior rookie power. 

With days before the groundbreaking return of the group, they have been dominating various charts in South Korea like Synnara.



 Further heightening ENGENEs’ excitement, the group has also unveiled a mysterious and thrilling music video for its title track “Drunk-Dazed.” 

With just a few seconds into the teaser, the song sounded like it will fall under the dance-pop genre. Moreover, it also delivers a dark yet enthralling vibe that will surely catch the attention of many.

Released on April 21, the sneak peek showed the group’s resident visual and vocalist Sunoo striding in a nonchalant manner. He momentarily looked behind him, straight onto the camera, whilst holding a glass of wine. 

The thrilling music that plays in the background makes the teaser even more enticing to put on loop. When the camera zoomed in towards Sunoo’s flawless face, while he’s sporting an irresistible smirk, a lovely snippet of the song was then heard, which features the group’s amazing vocals.

While donning royalty outfits, a full shot of the group was shown. While facing a mysterious woman, they all looked like princes who are about to rule the world with their talents.

As the 26-second clip comes to an end, ENHYPEN left fans with curiosity, together with a room to gather their thoughts regarding this comeback. 

The group will release their first comeback EP BORDER: CARNIVAL on April 26 at 6 PM KST. With a total of six tracks, the album is expected to give joy to fans, together with its lead single “Drunk-Dazed” which talks about the group’s feelings after finally making their debut.

Source: YTN

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