ENHYPEN Announces Their First Comeback With A Grand Invitation

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ENHYPEN invites fans to an ominous carnival during the introduction video for their first comeback ever!

ENHYPEN, one of the fourth generation’s most rising rookies, raised excitement for their upcoming comeback by releasing their first teaser video. The video titled BORDER: CARNIVAL ‘Intro: The Invitation’ intrigued fans with its rock instrumentals and psychedelic art concept.


Welcome To The Carnival

The introduction begins by beckoning fans into ENHYPEN’s next concept, drawing them into the animated teaser as an envelope opens. Against an eerie melody, the viewer enters a castle, into a world of color and distorted images. The space beyond the castle includes various colors, fireworks, lasers and patterns, creating a mystical watching experience.

To ground the viewer amidst the surrealist chaos, the video also includes accompanying lyrics. Through the lyrics, ENHYPEN describes the appreciation one feels when immersed in a new world, singing “feel like I’m in paradise.”

Furthermore, the English narration piques fans’ interest further by stating, “An invitation calls to ass from the carnival of the dazzling light…brought here by fate.” The narration ends in an ominous fashion as ENHYPEN member Jake’s voice distorts as he says, “Here, come inside the castle. Take everything”.

While the video’s first half seems to suggest an exploration into youth’s experiences with dizzying highs and terrifying lows, its sinister end leaves many eagerly awaiting further teasers regarding ENHYPEN’s upcoming concept.

ENHYPEN will make their comeback with their second mini-album, called BORDER: CARNIVAL on April 26. Pre-orders for the album begin April 5 at 11 AM KST. Expectations are high regarding their next project. The group boasts support from an incredible global fandom and is supported by the industry expertise of HYBE Labels.

Moreover, ENHYPEN debuted last November and shattered many sales records upon their debut. The group admirably entered various global charts including the American Billboard Chart, as well as Japan’s Oricon Chart. The group gained the modifier as the “Best Newcomer of 2020”, claiming four rookie awards only two months following their debut.

Meanwhile, with their newest comeback approaching, many anticipate the group’s success is only beginning.

Source: Herald POP

Image and Video Source: BELIFT LAB | HYBE Labels