ENHYPEN Unveils A Series Of Mystifying Teasers For Its Highly-Anticipated Debut In November

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ENHYPEN is preparing to effortlessly sweep fans’ hearts by unveiling diverse teasers for its November debut with BORDER: DAY ONE!

ENHYPEN officially joins the stellar 2020 rookie line-up as it reveals various enchanting teasers for its grand debut with BORDER: DAY ONE.


On October 30, BE:LIFT LAB finally dropped the first set of riveting individual concept photos of the charming rookies.

Ready to mesmerize with its amazing musical prowess, ENHYPEN consists of members Lee Heeseung, Jay Park, Jake Sim, Park Sunghoon, Kim Sunoo, Yang Jungwon, and Ni-ki.

While donning elegant and royalty-inspired ensembles, Ni-ki and Jay have made heads turn with their dashing visuals and mysterious auras.


Letting their attractive facial expressions do the talking, Heeseung and Jungwon prove they are members to watch out for with their exceptional charisma.


Furthermore,  Sunoo, Sunghoon and Jake became the epitome of sophistication as they demonstrate their impressively cool image and versatility in their respective teasers.

Their sleek yet youthful hairstyles and grandeur styling also added to the prepossessing and enigmatic vibe that the boys want to portray.

Published a day after, ENHYPEN’s unit and group concept previews encapsulate their unique chemistry as the boys flash their amazing projecting skills.

With only almost two months of preparation, the members further heighten the excitement of fans as they make use of different unconventional gestures.

Moreover, the members also radiate pure confidence as they perfectly personify the fierce, vampire concept they thoroughly prepared.

While all dressed in stylish and classy white shirts, the rookies gave steady stares, while looking like complete young princes who descended from a different era.


Prior to this, ENHYPEN has also unveiled two intriguing debut trailers containing the hidden meaning behind their first album.

Titled “Choose-Chosen”, the first clip enveloped fans into an endless curiosity as Jake narrates the story behind the group’s formation.

As a haunting music plays in the background, the video contains creative imageries that captures the theme of ENHYPEN’s debut.

Meanwhile, the second trailer titled “Dusk-Dawn” solely focuses on the members who flawlessly manifested their praiseworthy acting abilities.

Containing a darker vibe, the video gained lots of traction due to the group’s unique concept and impressive character.

As of current writing, the two-minute trailer has already recorded 3.2 million YouTube views, proving the group’s growing worldwide popularity.

Further heightening anticipation, BE:LIFT LAB also revealed the preliminary details for ENHYPEN’s debut album BORDER: DAY ONE

Containing tracks that showcase the group’s overflowing talent, the album will have a total of two versions, each with different packaging, corresponding to the “Dusk” and “Dawn” concept in ENHYPEN’s debut trailers.

BORDER: DAY ONE will also contain luxurious photo books and photocards, featuring the charming looks of each ENHYPEN member.


For the past month, the rookie group has been interacting with fans by uploading entertaining contents on their SNS channels.

From posting selfies to shooting vlogs, ENHYPEN freely welcomes audiences into their world as they prepare for their arrival to the K-Pop scene.

Just recently, the group released a Halloween-themed dance video for “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams”), a song featured in I-LAND.

In the video, the members were dressed-up cutely as fruits, while dancing to the groovy beat of the said track.

Fans should definitely watch out as BE:LIFT LAB will surely release more details and teasers regarding ENHYPEN’s nearing debut.

ENHYPEN will make their official debut with first mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE on November 30.

Source: ENHYPEN’s Twitter Account

Photos and Videos from BE:LIFT LAB