ENHYPEN Shatters Records With Their Album Sales For “BORDER: CARNIVAL”

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ENHYPEN shatters impressive sales records with their latest release, BORDER: CARNIVAL.

ENHYPEN sets impressive sales records with their latest release, BORDER: CARNIVAL. The group’s second mini-album dropped April 26, quickly amassing 319,073 copies sold, according to Hanteo Chart.

Five days after ENHYPEN’s comeback, the group’s album surpassed 370,000 copies sold. Not only is this achievement impressive for rookies, but this is also the highest album sales recorded over five days for any male group that had a comeback during this year.

As such, the group’s explosive growth since their debut five months ago garners immense attention for their potential moving forward.

Furthermore, many anticipate their first week sales to reach impressive numbers too. BORDER: CARNIVAL already exceeded ENHYPEN’s previous record of 288,873 copies sold during the first week of tracking with their debut album BORDER: DAY ONE. This record was broken just within the first day of release.

Following the group’s performances of “Drunk-Dazed” on M Countdown and Music Bank, many speculate album sales will increase even higher.

Meanwhile, the title track of BORDER: CARNIVAL, “Drunk-Dazed”, gains steady popularity both domestically and globally. On the day of its release, the track ranked 29 on Japan’s daily chart for Line Music, called the “Top 100”. It rose to second place on the chart on April 29, maintaining its ranking on the 30.

ENHYPEN also topped the Japanese music site, Recochoku, for two days starting April 27.

Since emerging on the music scene, the group surpassed expectations set by the anticipation surrounding their debut. The group quickly formed a worldwide fanbase that only continues to grow. Moreover, their admirable skill growth since their beginning displays their upward trajectory.

Fans can keep up with ENHYPEN throughout their continued comeback schedules.

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