ENHYPEN Takes Over Oricon Daily Album Chart With “BORDER: CARNIVAL”

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ENHYPEN keeps on demonstrating their rookie power as they reign over Japan’s leading music chart with BORDER: CARNIVAL!

Proving their amazing global popularity and influence, ENHYPEN bagged an amazing feat on the charts with their newest album BORDER: CARNIVAL.

After five months since the release of their first EP BORDER: DAY ONE, the boy group recently took the spotlight again with BORDER: CARNIVAL. Headlined by the track “Drunk-Dazed,” the album received massive recognition from avid fans and casual listeners alike.

Unveiled on April 26, ENHYPEN’s newest album has scored the No. 1 spot on Oricon’s Daily Album Chart. Notably, the group was able to attain such impressive accolade in just four days since the album’s official release. 

According to the same chart, the album has recorded 75,527 copies sold in less than a week. This is higher than the sales achievement of their previous record-breaking EP with only 71,000 copies sold. 

Aside from dominating the Japanese music scene, ENHYPEN also sold 319,073 copies on Hanteo Chart during the first day alone, surpassing the first-week sales volume of their previous album from November 30 to December 6.

Furthermore, the album also reigned over iTunes Top Album Chart in at least 27 countries, including Brazil, Japan, and Australia.


Going for a much dauntless concept this time, ENHYPEN stole the attention of many with their latest EP BORDER: CARNIVALIt is an album that expresses the group’s feelings and new discoveries after their debut.

Made to make fans’ hearts swoon, its title track “Drunk-Dazed” highlights not only the boys’ outstanding performing skills but also their lovely vocals. The beat of the song is catchy and intoxicating, which will surely make ENGENEs jump and dance out of joy.

Aside from allowing the group to maximize their potential, the song serves as proof that Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-Ki are all well-rounded idols. They truly went out of their comfort zones with this release, making fans even more stoked about the group’s future releases.

As of current writing, the music video for “Drunk-Dazed” has already amassed 14 million views on the YouTube platform.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN will continue to promote “Drunk-Dazed” on various music shows. They also just released a reaction video to their newest title track.

Celebrate the group’s applaudable achievement by watching the artistic music video for their lead single below:

Source: Herald Pop

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