ENHYPEN Unveils Concept Cinema Posters for New Album

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ENHYPEN has announced an exciting collaboration with rising director Lee Chung-hyun, hinting at a ‘dark synergy’ for their upcoming work.

The group revealed the concept cinema posters for their second full-length album, ROMANCE: UNTOLD, on their official social media at midnight on the 20th.

The release includes two distinctive posters. One features the members of ENHYPEN in a bright space, playing the piano and exuding a warm ambiance, while their dark expressions create a striking contrast.

The other poster shows leaflets with the phrase ‘WANTED VAMPIRE’ plastered on a wall, sparking curiosity about the narrative they plan to unfold.

ENHYPEN has also released a concept trailer that visually represents the album’s main message, produced as a short film.

This is their first full-length album in almost three years, promising an expanded narrative and larger-scale production.

Director Lee Chung-hyun, known for his detailed and visually stunning work in films like Ransom, The Call, and Ballerina, directed the concept cinema.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the result of this collaboration, combining Lee’s expertise in dark themes with ENHYPEN’s established identity in music with a dark atmosphere.

ENHYPEN’s album ROMANCE: UNTOLD will be released at 1 PM on July 12.

Before that, fans can attend the ‘UNTOLD Concept Cinema Premier Event’ on the 22nd, where the concept cinema will be shown for the first time in a group viewing event at a cinema.