“Epiphany” by BTS’ Jin Surpasses 93 Million Streams on Spotify

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Recently celebrating its 2nd anniversary, Jin’s solo ballad, “Epiphany”, just transcended a whopping 93 million streams on Spotify. Congratulations, Jin, ARMY, and Seokjinnies!

Released in August 2018, “Epiphany” has always been a profound love song from Jin to himself and to all of us, and now it has made a new milestone on Spotify with 93 million streams.


Jin x World Domination

Breaking records on Spotify comes hand in hand with the phenomenal 69 million views on YouTube. Stemming from the Love Yourself era of BTS, “Epiphany” is a track with heartfelt intensity and serene beauty that can play your heartstrings like an angel’s harp.

2 Years With Epiphany

Before Jin became the Lunar Prince with his latest single, “Moon”, there was “Epiphany” that reminded us that we need to love ourselves before we can share that love with anyone else. The song is an anthem that speaks to your soul to show you that perfection does not equal beauty, and beauty does not equal perfection. The lyrics swept us away when Jin crooned: “I’m the one I should love in this world/Shining me, precious soul of mine/I finally realized so I love me/Not so perfect but so beautiful/I’m the one I should love.

In its most basic form, this ballad symbolizes vulnerability and the realization that despite our flaws, we are precious and beautiful beings capable of amazing things.

A Pattern of Beauty, Hope, and Love

If you take a closer look at Jin’s solo songs, one would notice a common denominator in most of them. In 2016, we were gifted with “Awake”, which painfully yet beautifully described the struggle of feeling left behind or not being good enough; a common emotion that most people experience once in a while. The song takes us on a journey with infinite sensory details that culminate in hope and perseverance. It teaches us that even if the sky is way above us, we can always stretch out our hands to touch it. We all grow at our own pace.

In 2018, Jin serenaded fans with Epiphany, which conveyed a message of self-love that is very much necessary in the chaotic yet profound world that we live in. If you love yourself, then you can multiply that love to share it with others.

Finally, 2020 was the epoch of “Moon”, an upbeat melody that personified Jin as the moon and ARMY as the Earth that he revolves around. If this isn’t one of the sweetest declarations of love, then when don’t know what is. You know what they say, if you love and appreciate someone, put it in a song!

One thing’s for sure, when Jin released a solo song, it has his heart poured into it.

BTS, The Busy Bees


Meanwhile, BTS is the busiest of bees, as they are in the midst of promotion for “Dynamite”, fresh off their stirring speech at UNGA, and gearing up for BTS Week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With musical performances, games, comedic skits, and Jimmy Fallon’s unfaltering humor, it’s bound to be a spectacular week. Oh, we see so much fun coming up next week! We’ll pop the corn if you grab the soda, because couch potato-ing, it is!

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