EVERGLOW To Release A New Single As Part Of The “UNICEF Promise Campaign”

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EVERGLOW spreads positivity through music as they partner with UNICEF, releasing a new single as part of the “UNICEF Promise Campaign”.

EVERGLOW uses their platform for spreading good influence, partnering with UNICEF. Their agency announced that the group would release the single called, “Promise”, in support of the “UNICEF Promise Campaign”. The track itself is a catchy song of hope that communicates the feelings of children dreaming of world peace.


In addition to the song’s release, EVERGLOW will also kick off the campaign’s ‘Dance Challenge’. The group will deliver a challenge choreography to their new single and invite fans to participate. Fans can post their videos across SNS platforms using hashtags to promote the campaign with key words such as “Promise Challenge, Shining Promise, UNICEF, EVERGLOW”. The challenge will start after the release of the sound source through the Korean Committee of UNICEF’s SNS and YouTube channel.

Spreading Hope For Peace

Yuehuwa Entertainment also offered its support, announcing support for the music video production. The agency also plans to create a matching donation plan in correlation to the number of dance challenge participants.

Regarding the special project, the UNICEF Korea Committee stated, “We started this campaign to communicate more with younger generations about the crises facing children around the world.” The committee sent their heartfelt thanks to EVERGLOW and their agency for participating in the campaign.

EVERGLOW also shared their happiness regarding their part in this project. The members shared, “We’re so happy to be able to help children around the world with UNICEF, I hope this campaign will make many children happier”.

Recently, EVERGLOW topped music broadcasts during the first week of their comeback promotions with the track, “FIRST”. The music video topped YouTube’s Worldwide Daily Charts, showing its popularity. Additionally, the music video for their title track “LA DI DA” surpassed 100 million views. This marks the group’s third music video to achieve this milestone since EVERGLOW debuted two years ago.

Meanwhile, EVERGLOW’s newest track, “Promise” will release on August 25 at 6 PM KST. Its corresponding dance challenge will run from August 26 to September 16.

Source: Xports News

Image and Video Source: Yuehua Entertainment | UNICEF