EVERGLOW Set to Return with “Zombie” – Release Date and Teaser Schedule Announced

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Everglow is gearing up to dominate the charts again with “Zombie.” Don’t miss the teaser images, tracklist reveal, and more exciting pre-release content!

EVERGLOW, the dynamic six-member girl group under Yue Hua Entertainment, is set to drop its highly anticipated fifth single, “Zombie,” on June 10. This release comes 10 months after their successful fourth single, “All My Girls,” which was released on August 18, 2023.

To build excitement for “Zombie,” EVERGLOW has planned a series of teasers and reveals. Starting on Wednesday, fans can expect to see three sets of teaser images. This will be followed by the unveiling of the tracklist on May 29, giving fans a sneak peek at the songs included in the new single. On June 3, a teaser for the music video will be released, providing a first look at the visual concept and choreography. As the release date approaches, additional teasers and promotional content will be shared, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the full release.

EVERGLOW made their debut in 2019 and quickly gained popularity with their catchy songs and powerful performances. They are well-known for hits such as “Bon Bon Chocolat” (2019), “Dun Dun” (2020), and “La Di Da” (2020). Their energetic and captivating style has won them a large international fanbase.

Their most recent single, “All My Girls,” featured the lead track “Slay,” which achieved significant success. “Slay” reached the No. 1 spot on the weekly music show “Show Champion,” showcasing EVERGLOW’s continued impact and popularity in the K-pop scene.

With the upcoming release of “Zombie,” EVERGLOW is expected to deliver another hit that will captivate fans and showcase their growth as artists. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to support Everglow as they make their exciting return to the music scene.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

Image and Video Credits: Yue Hua Entertainment