EVNNE’s New Era: ‘Ride or Die’ EP Brings Refreshing Summer Vibes

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EVNNE shifts gears with their latest release, ‘Ride or Die,’ offering fans a refreshing glimpse into their melodic evolution.

EVNNE made a bold statement earlier this year with a daring and mischievous concept that garnered them two prestigious music show trophies. Their dark and introspective second EP, centered around an “ugly duckling” motif, showcased their versatility and depth. Now, the boy band has taken a sharp turn with their latest release, “Ride or Die,” a refreshing and summer-themed EP that marks a complete 180-degree pivot from their previous style.

“We wanted to reveal a new side of EVNNE; we aimed to showcase our refreshing and more relaxed demeanor,” remarked Ji Yun-seo during a press showcase held on June 17th at the Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul, just hours before the EP’s eagerly anticipated 6 p.m. release.

“Ride or Die” arrives only five months after the darker tones of “UN: Seen,” a remarkably quick turnaround considering the band’s extensive tour across Asia from March to May.

“We began preparations for this album at the beginning of 2024, and because it represents a new concept for us, we put our utmost sincerity into it,” added Park Han-bin.

The EP features six tracks, including the lead single “Badder Love,” followed by “I <3 U,” “XO,” “2X,” “Boom Bari,” and an English rendition of “Badder Love.”

“With ‘Badder Love,’ we’re expressing our commitment to reaching you without regret, even if things get messy along the way,” explained Yoo Seung-on.

Ji Yun-seo further elaborated, “We chose ‘Badder Love’ from numerous candidates because it felt fresh and aligned with EVNNE’s desired image. Unlike our previous song, it’s not as mischievous; it’s refreshing and demonstrates our ability to tackle diverse genres effortlessly.”

Transitioning to a lighter concept posed no challenge for the members. “We didn’t find the refreshing concept unfamiliar or difficult,” Ji added. “We naturally embody both sides within ourselves.”

The EP also includes “XO” and “2X,” co-written by leader Keita. “XO” urges romantic interests to express their feelings with a simple “X” or “O,” while “2X” reflects how time seems to fly when in the company of loved ones.

Exploring themes of love beyond romance, Park Ji-hoo remarked, “Love encompasses various meanings; it extends to friendships and the passion we have towards our goals. I encourage listeners to approach the album with this perspective.”

Following the promotion of “Ride or Die,” EVNNE will embark on their “Ride with EVNNE” showcase tour across North and Central America starting in August. Fans can anticipate live performances of the English version of the lead track, showcasing a refined and enhanced EVNNE on stage.

“We gained invaluable experience during our initial fan concert tour,” added Lee. “We discovered how music unites us despite language barriers and saw significant improvements in our performance with each passing day.”

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

Image Credits: JELLYFISH Entertainment