EXID To Present 90’s Vibe For 2018 April Comeback

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Girl group EXID channels the nostalgic feel in preparation for its comeback single on April 2

EXID hinted the old school theme for its latest single, “Do it Tomorrow”, through an image of an old computer screen on Mar 16, heightening the anticipation of their fans.


From March 20 to 22, the individual and unit teasers of the members were posted, bringing back the memories of the old days.

EXID reinvents the fashion trend of the 1990’s, with standard kinds of accessories to suit the modern appeal.

An album preview was then posted on Mar 23. The group teaser photo released on Mar 25 reflects a sweet and brave image of the group.

EXID Do it Tomorrow

The surprising image transformation for their comeback single has been received positively by their followers.

“Do It Tomorrow” takes the new jack swing music genre which is popular in the 90’s. Think global female artist Janet Jackson, who was then famous for the swing beat music style.

EXID girls look all prepared to showcase their latest single as part of the planned comeback album. They will remake their old songs that are less popular for the said album.


Famous for their catchy rhythms, EXID was formed by producer Shinsadong Tiger in 2012. Their debut song “Whoz that Girl” peaked decently at Gaon chart, and sold over 840,000 digital copies.

The girls’ breakout year was when they launched the addictive “Up & Down” single, which peaked at number one on Gaon Singles chart after a viral fan video of Hani was posted online performing the said single.


The 5-member group has been promoting without Solji, who is currently on medical treatment due to hyperthyroidism since last year after their promotion in China.

EXID’s upcoming single will be sold online on Apr 2, and available for offline purchase the day after.

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