EXID Talks About Comeback Plans And Contracts

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There is a lot to catch up on, LEGOs! We have wrapped up everything you need to know about EXID’s plans for this year.

EXID has quite a lot up their sleeves this year! The beloved quintet has just confirmed their plans for the months to come: a group comeback, and the promise of individual projects in the near future as the group sorts out their contracts with Banana Culture Entertainment.

To help you catch up on EXID’s plans for 2019, we have wrapped up everything that the quintet has confirmed thus far.


Upcoming Comeback

A representative from Banana Culture Entertainment has confirmed that EXID is working on a mini-album! The mini-album is slated for release on May 15, and will showcase the quintet’s transition into newer concepts.

LEGOs can also look forward to a live showcase after their comeback. EXID has also planned domestic and overseas promotional activities for their upcoming mini-album before they take a break.

Prior to this comeback, the girls released their digital single, “I LOVE YOU” on November 2018.

Contract Situations

This comeback, however, will be the last to feature Hani and Jeonghwa, as the pair will not be renewing their contracts with Banana Culture Entertainment this year. Their contracts are set to expire in May, while Solji, LE, and Hyerin have renewed their contracts with the company.

Hani and Jeonghwa

(image via Banana Culture Entertainment)

Banana Culture Entertainment, however, has noted that Hani and Jeonghwa’s departures do not signal EXID’s disbandment. In a statement released by Banana Culture Entertainment, EXID will be classified as a “resting group” after their promotional activities.

The remaining members of EXID will be focusing on individual endeavors. Solji, and LE will be preparing solo releases as they work on the changes with EXID’s lineup. Hyerin, meanwhile, will be working on more television and broadcasting opportunities.

Solji, LE, and Hyerin

(image via Banana Culture Entertainment)