EXO Kris to make comeback with ‘Tiny Times 3’ OST song

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Tiny Times 3 director Guo Jing Ming has revealed on Weibo that Kris will be singing the film’s closing song.

Guo said that the song was his favourite from the movie’s sound track. The Chinese director also said Kris would not appear on-screen for due to ‘some reasons’, but said fans could still listen with their hearts.

The song Time Boils The Rain will be released on July 17.

[Wu Yi Fan will be singing TT3’s ending theme song “Time Boils The Rain”]

This song is my favourite song in the Tiny Times series, I will give it to you. Because of some reasons, we are unable to see Yi Fan in the movie, so let us use our hearts to listen to his voice in the movie instead. July 17, let everyone in the darkness hear your unique singing and see you shine. We promise not to be separated, be together forever (lyrics of the song).

The estranged EXO member, who is currently in a legal battle with SM, reposted Guo’s post and said: ‘We already said there’s no separation. We will always and always will be together. Thank you every one of you.’

Kris is also currently working on a Chinese film called Somewhere Only We Know.

Update: EXO Kris’ comeback song ‘Time Boils The Rain’ released


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