#ItsTheLoveShot: Tweets That Prove EXO Snapped Hard In “Love Shot” MV

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The highly anticipated return of EXO is finally here — shooting us right in the feels with so much love and awe!

December 13 will probably go down in history as the day EXO had every EXO-L (or possibly, everyone) under its spell after the release of its fifth repackaged album Love Shot and the music video of its title track of the same name.

“Love Shot” debuted on top of the realtime charts of Melon, Bugs, and Naver. It took the second spot on Genie and Soribada’s realtime charts, as well.


As always, Twitterverse celebrated the comeback of the phenomenal boy group with the hashtag #ItsTheLoveShot. The hashtag, which continues to top Twitter’s worldwide trends as of press time, recorded over 584k tweets — less than three hours since the MV release.

And so, to celebrate another remarkable comeback of EXO, here are the tweets that resonated all our feels. It also proved Xiumin, Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O., Kai, and Sehun definitely snapped hard in the captivating music video of another definite hit from EXO-L’s favorite boys.

When shirtless Chanyeol is casually walking with his squad and here we are being attacked. ? We need to talk, Chanyeol.

D.O. is indeed a blessing to our senses ?

We never knew we needed a dark-haired Sehun in dark blue suit flipping his hair until “Love Shot” MV. Thank you for the realization.

EXO proving us once again that we can’t really trust men. The duality everyoooone ?

Plus, we are seeing more of dorky EXO in the boys’ variety show appearances such as Show You EXO and Knowing Brothers.

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Warning to Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun. Please stop wrecking bias lists.

We have no words. But the flowers were beautiful, TBH.

Calling EXO-L! Drop those theories now. We need to wreck our brains here.

Sorry, but Chen’s eyes are so beautiful. They speak right into your soul.

Kim Jong In = Dance. Fight us.

Okay. So someone had the audacity to say Kai can’t dance? When he has been displaying his main dancer power since those seemingly endless debut teasers? Big question here.

Byun Baekhyun snapped.

Byun Baekhyun snapped AGAIN.


Let us cry in peace here.

Answer needed, EXO.

Impressive is EXO’s middle name ?

EXO-L, collect Kim Min Seok. He has been wreaking havoc in everyone’s feels.

Maybe killing us with overwhelming emotions?

Kim Jun Myeon in the spotlight — we approve!

Quintuple for now. Sextuple next.

And much more achievements. We got (some of) the receipts actually: 9 Milestones That Prove EXO And EXO-L Got The Power Every Time


Louder for the people at the back a.k.a. SM Entertainment. We need more singing and rapping Sehun. Thank you.

“High class visual” — why does it sound so right? ?

Because one or two tweets will never be enough to express how beautiful this part is.



Wigs were definitely snatched and EXO really snapped real hard in this comeback — from vocals, to rap, to the harmony, and that dance.


From the iconic “I can’t believe”, Chen returns with legendary vocals yet again with “It’s the love shot”.

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