EXO Members Send Xiumin Off With Heartwarming Surprise And Messages During “Xiuweet Time”

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Get your tissue box ready, EXO-L, because we have some emotional stories to share about EXO!

As everyone knows, Xiumin will enter boot camp on May 7, becoming the first EXO member to start his mandatory service. Which also means he will take a two-year hiatus in the process.

Before he officially bids a temporary goodbye, the singer decided to give fans a special farewell party through his solo fan meeting Xiuweet Time held on May 4. Just like how EXO-L intend to send him off with the sweetest memories, his dongsaengs also did not let the opportunity to slip as they came together on stage to surprise their eldest hyung.

Suho, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, and Sehun joined Xiumin on stage to greet EXO-L together for the last time in a while. The members relayed their well-wishes for their hyung as he sets himself up to join the army and fulfill the duty expected of all abled-bodied men of South Korea.

They commended Xiumin for his performances during the fan meeting. They also hoped for him to be healthy and safe, come back quickly without getting hurt, and show a better image to fans when he returns.

Kai, who went straight to the event following his arrival from the United Kingdom, was particularly emotional during his ment. He praised Xiumin for being cool and working hard through the years. “Don’t get hurt and come back safely. I love you,” he said, tearing up.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Xiumin broke down as he hugged Kai.

In addition, although he was not physically present to join his members, Lay, through a phone call, greeted fans and relayed his message to his hyung and other EXO members, as well.

Meanwhile, during the phone call, Lay said he was always grateful for Xiumin. He then apologized for not being with him often and went on to remind him to take care of himself and return safely. He also expressed his longing for his members, saying “I missed EXO members a lot.”

Xiumin, for his part, sweetly told Lay to come back quickly to which he responded with a cute “Yes, hyung!”.

Lay, who is currently in China, also left a message for EXO-L, thanking them for loving the boys and telling them that happiness will always be beside them. Suho also assured that just like happiness, EXO will always be beside Lay.

Additionally, Lay, together with Baekhyun, also left a video message for Xiumin, shown earlier in the program.

Xiumin also assured his members and fans that he will return safely and in good health. “Wait for me. I will return safely. Let’s show EXO-L a complete performance when I come back,” he said.

Suho echoed his hyung’s sentiments and addressed fans, saying “Whether it’s five, 10, or 20 years, EXO will always sing, dance, and perform for you. Thank you and we love you, EXO-L!”

Following the sweet and heartwarming fan meeting, Xiumin will treat fans to his solo song “You” on May 9.

The song will be part of SM Entertainment’s digital music project SM Station Season 3.