EXO Prepares For The Ultimate Take-Over In Haunting “OBSESSION” Comeback Teasers

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Get ready for the newest EXO comeback that will plague your mind!

EXO heightens the excitement for their much-awaited comeback with a new album titled OBSESSION as they finish dropping its thrilling teasers in the morning before its official release!

Giving EXO-Ls six final hours to compose themselves, the group had completed rolling out their haunting teasers which show off both the members and their doppelgangers branded as “X-EXO”. With the thrilling sneak peeks for the “return of the kings”, SM Entertainment promises for the album to contain a one-of-a-kind concept as well as diverse music – all to be reflected in the ten tracks that OBSESSION will contain.

Track Descriptions

Along with the release of the members’ individual teaser photos and videos, the group shared brief descriptions of every track they prepared for the album.

Presenting a romantic vibe with the dance pop song “Baby You Are”, the group will tell a story about the exciting moment of love at first sight. Meanwhile, another dance track titled “Non Stop” will narrate a romanticization of unstoppable love towards each other.

EXO will also herald a varied appeal with the song “Groove”, which will talk about lovers sharing affectionate feelings as if they were crossing reality & dream through dancing. The hip hop dance song “Ya Ya Ya”, on the other hand, will come with lyrics expressing the belief in love that began in a moment.

The group will also show off their strong appeal with the trap and reggae-style dance song “Trouble”, whose lyrics will project a love story without an exit falling deeply into another. Marking another dance pop track in the album, “Jekyll” will highlight EXO’s comeback concept by showing an impactful portrayal of an inner conflict with another self.

Meanwhile, the song “Day By Day” will express the kind of longing one feels after a lover leaves, and “Butterfly Effect” will be another groovy dance song included in the album which will make hearts flutter with its showcase of EXO’s talents.

Lastly, the title track “Obsession” will be a hip-hop dance song with addictive and heavy beats that will surely stay in fans’ minds after hearing it. Both a Korean and Chinese version of the song will be included in the album of the same name, and based on the music video teaser that the group shared on the afternoon of November 27, the song will easily plague EXO-Ls’ minds once it drops at 6 PM KST.

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Source: SM Entertainment | Herald Pop


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