EXO-SC Surprises Fans With A Buzzing “Telephone” Music Video

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Ring! Ring! EXO-SC is calling all fans to let them know that they’re gearing up for a smashing comeback with a showstopping surprise of their track, “Telephone (feat. 10cm)”!  

EXO-SC gave fans a stellar surprise after they revealed a refreshing music video of their track, “Telephone” featuring artist 10cm. The music video is a visual treat as Sehun and Chanyeol look absolutely spectacular in their bright, aesthetically appealing looks.

Before the release of the music video, EXO-SC had taken to V Live wherein they interacted with fans. They gave a preview of “Telephone,” during the live as well. 

EXO-SC Sehun & Chanyeol

The music video shows the two rapper-singers looking gloomy as they fervently keep waiting for someone’s text. Sehun and Chanyeol, both give off major jilted lover vibes. It further shows how the two artists are lost in thoughts with instances such as Sehun putting glue onto a toothbrush, Chanyeol’s overflowing cereal while they anxiously stand by for a text back from the person they like. 

The style is reminiscent of an early 2000s music video especially with its cinematography and props used like flip and Blackberry phones.

Furthermore, there are stills wherein besides the duo, people around them have their gazes glued into their phones too. This prompts EXO-SC to dub the phone as their best friend. Although the setting and conceptualization of the video seems more relaxed, its message is far from it. 

Lines such as, “Throw another emoticon/No reply. Phone call/Iron wall no/When we meet, we only look at the phone/Pretending to be busy and replying late/Why do you keep pretending?” capture the sentiment flawlessly. They also talk about how they’re always watching and waiting for their love interest to communicate as viewers see Sehun and Chanyeol obsessively wait by the phone even when they’re eating, studying or even sleeping!

The song talks about unrequited love and its detrimental effects in today’s contemporary times. Moreover, the lyrics also talk about being ‘ghosted – a term which means a person cutting off all communication with their friends or the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice before hand. 

“Telephone” is a hip hop track fused with bright piano riffs and heavy bass. Besides 10cm featuring on the track, Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko also  participated in the composition and writing of the song.

Picture Perfect!

Additionally, Sehun and Chanyeol had given a sneak peek into the look of the music video a day prior to the release. They had uploaded various concept photos that showed off the two EXO members rocking that charming boyfriend looks. 



Moreover, EXO-SC unveiled some concept images featuring both the artists on June 5 and 6. The former photos had Sehun and Chanyeol rocking their 80s inspired outfits amidst settings that resembled a digital game. 


They also revealed some really refreshing concept images that screamed ‘chill vibes’ through and through. The images showcased more of the fun and playful charms of both, Sehun and Chanyeol. 


What’s more? Apart from “Telephone” featuring 10cm, the album will consist of collaborations with other multi-talented musicians as well. Songstress MOON will be featured in the album’s title track, “1 Billion Views.” Gaeko, who produced the album, will be the featured artist in the song “Fly Away,” while Penomeco will be in the song “Say It”.

Other than this, EXO-SC will reveal another teaser image on July 8. Additionally, on July 9 the two talented artists will be unveiling an MV teaser image for their track “Nothin’”. Sehun and Chanyeol will then release the teaser image of their track “On Me,” on July 10. The MV teaser for the title track will be showcased on July 11. And it will then be followed by its teaser image on July 12.

EXO-SC will release their album 1 Billion Views alongside the music video on various music sites as well as for its eponymous title track on July 13 at 6PM KST.

Source: SM Entertainment