EXO’s D.O. Drops More Enthralling Teasers For Debut Album “Empathy”

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D.O. of powerhouse boy group EXO exudes a boyish aura and soft charms in his latest teasers for his solo debut with Empathy!

Multitalented idol slash actor D.O. definitely left fans in deep awe with his first set of eye-catching sneak peeks for his debut EP, Empathy.

D.O. Empathy

The artist recently released one set of concept photos and a mood sampler, exhibiting great maturity in his overall image.

In the first set of previews released on July 15, D.O.’s incredible visuals are definitely at their peak. The artist strikes various unique poses using different props ranging from vintage chairs to old cameras. While donning a colorful knitted shirt that fits the vibe of the summer, the artist made many heads turn with his direct yet mesmerizing gazes.

As he displays his laid-back personality against retro-themed settings, D.O. was able to prove his versatility. The warm and cozy vibe symbolizes that the song will somehow revolve around a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

Showing off his manly physique, D.O. captured the hearts of global EXO-Ls once again while demonstrating a dreamy image. His direct gaze enveloped fans’ in curiosity regarding what kind of sound the idol will deliver.


Accompanying the previews, SM Entertainment also revealed a mood sampler, featuring a glimpse of the message behind D.O.’s first-ever solo EP.

The 40-second clip shows the talented singer displaying different kinds of facial expressions and emotions while emitting a friendly and comfortable vibe.

As a mellow tune plays in the background, the video also shows various imageries and flower decorations. They serve as a hint to D.O.’s title track called “Rose.” Containing lyrics that he personally wrote, the lively song talks about the excitement people feel when falling in love.

D.O. Empathy

Making the album more special, Empathy will also feature an English version of the said song, serving as one of its bonus tracks. With 8 tracks in total, fans are surely in for a sweet treat from one of K-Pop’s most renowned vocalists.

Meanwhile, EXO’s D.O. will release his first album Empathy on July 26 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Sports Donga and EXO’s Official Twitter Account

Photos from SM Entertainment