EXO’s Kai Unveils An Astounding MV Teaser For Solo Track “Peaches”

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EXO’s Kai is indeed a sight to behold in the majestic music video teaser for his upcoming title track “Peaches!”

Kai of phenomenal K-Pop boy group EXO will deliver a fresh, unique and riveting concept for his upcoming solo comeback with Peaches. He has already raised the excitement and anticipation of EXO-Ls by releasing various content related to his second EP.


Over the past few days, SM Entertainment caught K-Pop fans’ attention by sharing various concept photos from the talented artist’s upcoming album. Accompanying the beautiful and attractive sneak peeks, the agency also unveiled the album details and mood samplers.

In the released images, Kai looks gorgeous and flawless as he flaunts his natural beauty. While looking like a complete visual god, he manages to attract attention again with his top-tier projecting skills and effortless presence. 

His maturity and versatility really stand out, along with his incredible physique and handsome looks. The stunning outfits he wore further prove that he suits any concept without even trying too hard. Apart from his striking poses, Kai also showcases his expertise when it comes to displaying mesmerizing facial expressions.

With his deep gaze on, he left EXO-Ls in awe again as they wait for the official release of the album. Looking at the concept photos will make one recognize that Peaches is going to be an epic release.


What stood out among Kai’s list of teasers is the first music video sneak peek for his upcoming lead single “Peaches.” 

Released on November 28, the 26-second clip begin with Kai looking up in the sky, while donning a classy and lavish white outfit.

The frame then shifts to a scene where you will see the idol stretching out his hands while sitting under a dreamy tree. Viewers are also able to hear the song’s lovely and interesting instrumental while the magical scene graces everyone’s screens.

Seconds later, you will see Kai giving everyone a glimpse to the song’s choreography while wearing a contemporary hanbok attire. The fluidity of his moves is impossible to ignore, along with his unparalleled stage presence. While there are a lot of talented dancers surrounding him, Kai is able to stand out effortlessly. He is also able to match the energy of every performer around him, who groove smoothly and flawlessly.

As soon as the snippet of the song, featuring the idol incredible vocals, played in the background, every viewer’s eyes become blessed with Kai’s incredible visuals. A lot of scenes that you will also see in detail on the MV are then played to raise fans’ excitement.

The video ends with the idol picking up a peach from a tree, followed by a poster for the title track and his official logo.

Kai will release his second mini album Peaches on November 30 at 6 PM KST.

Source: EXO’s Twitter Account

Photos from SM Entertainment

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