Flowsik To Release Two New Singles In October And November

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New surefire songs from Flowsik are coming to you soon!

South Korean-American rapper Flowsik is joining the parade of releases this October and November with two new singles.

The rapper will kick-start his comeback with “Bbung” which is set to be out on October 26. The song will center on his ambition to expose fakes in all categories, highlighted by his poignant delivery and distinctive deep voice.

“Bbung” will follow Flowsik’s collaboration series with rapper Jessi, namely “Wet” and “All I Need” which were released earlier this year. Through his new song, the rapper hopes to share his music beyond the Korean market and penetrates the US market.


Flowsik, who was born and raised in Queens, New York, began his music career as an underground rapper. In 2010, he was featured in JYJ’s “I Love You”before becoming the leader of the hip-hop group Aziatix which debuted with the self-titled extended play Aziatix led by “Go” in 2011. The group took home the Best New Asian Artist at that year’s Mnet Asian Artist Award.

In 2013, Aziatix signed an 11.3-million US dollars record deal with Cash Money Records. However, the group left the label in 2014 and disbanded the next year with Top of the World as its final album.

Still, the disbandment of the group did not stop Flowsik from continuing his music career. In 2016, he joined the fifth season of Show Me the Money. He impressed all the judges including Timbaland in his one-minute rap, securing an all-pass. He reached the seventh round of the show before getting eliminated after a match-up with Xitsuh.


Since his introduction to the K-hip-hop market, Flowsik has become a household name via his collaboration with Sik-k, DPR LIVE, Owen Ovadoz, and Punchnello. He has also teamed up with Dok2 and The Quiett, among others.