Former “I-LAND” Contestants To Debut In New Boy Group Under Big Hit Japan Division

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Former beloved contestants from the reality competition program, I-LAND, will make their debut under Big Hit Entertainment’s Japanese division!

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Big Hit Entertainment’s Japanese division, Big Hit Japan, will debut former contestants from the popular competition program, I-LAND. With their debut, Big Hit Japan will begin the Big Hit Japan Global Debut Project, which debuts artists first within Japan and then promotes them to a global music market.

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Former contestants making their debut under this venture includes K, Nicholas, EJ, Kyungmin, and Taki. Further members will join their new boy-group following a new audition process “& AUDITION”, occurring in Japan.

The Big Hit Japan Global Debut Project will run similarly to the training process seen during I-LAND. Under a systematic and structural program, mentor groups consisting of professionals in various fields will mentor the trainees. Mentors include chairman Bang Si Hyuk, producer Pdogg, and performance director Son Sung Deuk from the agency’s Korean division.

New mentors include performance director Sakura Inoue, as well as music and sound director Soma Genda. Additionally, composer and producer Imai Ryosuke and producer UTA will act as special advisors, further strengthening the trainee process.

Moreover, in a statement released by their agency, the new members expressed their excitement for their debut. They stated, “We will make our Big Hit Japan debut with the newly decided members from the audition. We are already looking forward to seeing who we will be working with from now on. We ask for your support and love.”

Meanwhile, the audition process for casting more members for the upcoming group will run from January 1 to January 17. More information is posted on the agency’s official website.

Source: Herald POP

Image Source: Big Hit Japan