Fromis_9 Tops Music Charts With Their Single Album “Talk & Talk”

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With their recent comeback single album Talk & Talk, fromis_9 tops various music charts, displaying their growing popularity.

Girl group fromis_9 topped various music charts with their latest single album, Talk & Talk. The special single album released on September 1 at 6 PM KST, immediately ranking first on the Bugs real-time chart, kicking off the group’s comeback in an impressive fashion.


In addition to their new song, the group’s prior title tracks including “WE GO”, “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)”, “FUN!”, as well as “LOVE BOMB”, re-entered the Bugs chart. The songs ranked second to fifth place, meanwhile track “DKDK” also re-entered the chart at ninth place. The spike in the charting rankings of fromis_9’s older tracks displays listeners’ celebration of their discography

Furthermore, the group also found a spike in global success as well as domestic. Their newest song “Talk & Talk” topped iTunes charts in three regions including Finland, Luxembourg, and Saudi Arabia. The track also made it into the top ten of charting tracks in six regions, such as Thailand and Singapore.

Although it was rumored that the Talk & Talk special single album would only have a limited amount available, additional production is now in the works due to the high demand from fans. Many anticipate that the group will continue to receive a hot response from fans following their speedy comeback only four months after their transfer to Pledis Entertainment’s management.

The group’s special single album, Talk & Talk, is a spin-off track from their previous song, “WE GO”. The track is of the dance-pop genre and delivers a retro sound through strong synth and a catchy chorus. Its lyrics communicate the fluttering excitement one feels when wanting to continue a phone conversation all night long.

With this comeback, fromis_9 continues to impress fans with their bright concept, depicting happiness and a refreshing atmosphere in their healing music.

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Image and Video Source: HYBE LABELS | Pledis Entertainment