FTISLAND fans take on Twitter war to express disappointment

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FTISLAND’s fans, known as Primadonnas, plan to take on a tweeting war to express their deep disappointment over comments made by FNC Entertainment’s CEO Han Seung-ho on the variety program Radio Star.

Han was a guest on MBC’s variety show on 4 February, where he was asked to choose between CNBLUE and FTISLAND. The CEO praised CNBLUE and its leader, Jung Yonghwa, and said that while FNC can exist because of FTISLAND, CNBLUE brings in more money. He also praised Yonghwa’s abilities and declared that he would choose him as a possible successor to the CEO position over Lee Hongki and that he doesn’t create trouble.

Fans took the CEO’s words to heart, many of them getting angry, saying that the CEO’s wording implied that Hongki is a troublemaker and less talented than Yonghwa. Although FNC released a statement saying that Han was merely saying things to entertain the audience on a variety show and they should not be misinterpreted, Primadonnas were not convinced.

The global fanclub started a campaign to make their voices heard and FTISLAND fans all over the globe will start tweeting their concerns on 8 February.

This is not the first time that FTISLAND fans feel concerned about FNC Entertainment’s treatment of the band. Many have voiced their opinions before, demanding that the agency treats CNBLUE and FTISLAND equally, as Primadonnas believe the agency is biased towards CNBLUE and denies FTISLAND equal opportunities, even accusing the agency of not paying for promotions for the band, which previously resulted in the fanclub paying for street advertisements out of concern.

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