FTISLAND Wins Music Bank With “Pray”

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FTISLAND won KBS’ Music Bank on 3rd April with their title song Pray off their 5th Korean album I Will. The band has beaten last week’s winner Red Velvet.

This is the 4th time that the band could secure a win in the program, with the last time being in 2010 with Love, Love, Love. The members looked visibly touched and surprised, and lead singer Honggi thanked Primadonnas for their love and support.

Check out their performance below:

In related news, FTISLAND will be launching their new, 19+ rated reality show, Coming Out FTISLAND on SBS MTV on 7 April 11pm KST, where fans will be able to see a sincere and fun side of the band.

(Translation of Honggi’s message: Ah! I’m so happy, I could go crazy! Was award winning [always] this good…? I’m going crazy! I’m so thankful… really, for trusting us and waiting for us… and FNC… thank you for letting us release this album… really, I’m so happy!)


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Translation: Timea Baksa and Hyerim Kim

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