f(x)’s Amber Says She Still Keeps In Touch With “That Little One” Krystal

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We’re sure the fan who sent the video said “What the pineapple!”

Amber has confirmed via Twitter that she has been keeping in touch with her bandmate Krystal after a fan asked her if she misses her.

Fans have been missing the group interactions between the four f(x) girls since they went on hiatus for about two years.

In the tweet, Amber remarked that she talks to “that little one” every other day. The tweet which the fan sent her contained a fan made video of “Kryber”, Krystal and Amber’s shipname, as the fan used clips of the two to tell an innocent love story of a girl falling in love with her friend.

See Amber’s reply below as well as her spot-on commentary on the short video:

The tweet has been retweeted for more than 3,000 times and received over 12,000 likes. Fans went wild with Amber’s reply, causing supporters to spawn a string of tribute images as they walk down memory lane to the time when f(x) was more active on the music scene together as a group.

Though focusing on their own solo careers, many fans hold little hope for the group to be active again as Sulli departed from the group in 2015. Victoria is now focusing on her acting career in China, Luna just released her new single as a solo artist, Night Reminiscin’,ย on April 24 this year and Krystal, fresh from her goddess stint in The Bride of Habaek, prepares for her role in the upcoming OCN series Player.

On the other hand, Amber had just released her first solo mixtape in English, Rogue Rouge, on April 15. It consists of six tracks, all free on Soundcloud. She also released a music video for every track and fans can watch it on her YouTube channel. She recently signed with Steel Wool Entertainment for her activities in the US as she is still signed simultaneously under SM Entertainment for her Korean activities.

Amber is actively posting on her YouTube channel, which has over 900,000 subscribers, serving hilarious vlogs and videos. Fans can also stay updated on her activities through Twitter.

Watch her latest video, a baconly delicious parody of BTS’s “Fake Love”:

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