(G)I-DLE Become Exquisite Senoritas In Their New Teasers.

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(G)I-DLE is all set to release their most awaited release of second mini album.

Blessing fans with most aesthetic visuals on February 14, (G)I-DLE members take turns in showing off more fierce and passionate side of Senorita by releasing another set of teaser images on February 17.

(G)I-DLE Teaser Image

    From Cube Entertainment

With dark red dominating the pale colors, the members steal the scene with gravitating gazes. Like blossomed flowers, (G)I-DLE gives off refreshing aura as it sets forth for another milestone of their career.

The Teasers

Yet to surprise fans, CUBE Entertainment released the preview of the second edition album, exciting the fans even more.

As days go on, the next teasers come in the form of “art film” and “audio snippet” which was released on February 18 and 19 respectively. They highlight elegant visuals and fetching audio.

(G)I-DLE surely does not plan to stop teasing their fans as they decided to flatter even more with striking visual teaser videos for each member. The sensual looks of each member triggers anticipation to wait for the comeback even more.

Video Teaser

The whole series of teasers are crowned with drawing charms of video teaser released on February 25. The released music video teaser is of the title track “Senorita”.

In just 26 seconds, the video manages to grab the attention of every seeker. With drum rolls and trombones filling the air, the members reveal an exotic choreography for the music piece.

Grand palace and bright costumes add greatly to retro type teaser as “Senorita” whispered in growls give off a strong and energetic atmosphere.

Written and composed by Leader Soon following their hits “Hann” and “LATATA”, “Senorita” yet again fits in the genre of dance pop. The salsa mixed hip swaying and sharp strides reveal a wild senorita we have never seen before.

Teaser Image

Photo from CUBE Entertainment

(G)I-DLE’s second mini album I Made will be out online on February 26 along with their single “Senorita”. Offline release is set to be on 27th of February.

Watch out for these sensational rookies coming to meet fans with yet another unique piece of their creation.

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