Countdown Begins For GFriend’s “Time For The Moon Night” Comeback

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In 15 days, GFriend will return for sixth mini album Time for the Moon Night!

GFriend announced comeback schedule on April 16 through its official SNS. The girl group will release its sixth mini album, Time for the Moon Night, on April 30 through a schedule poster.


On April 17, the girls will officially greet their fans. On the day after, the track list will be released with the launch of the album pre-ordering. MV teasers will be streamed on April 24 and 29. Lyrics, official color and highlight color will be dropped on April 23, 26, and 28 respectively.

The comeback concept photos will be posted within the two-week period before the release of the album on April 30.

Known for their powerful concepts and contents, fans can once again look forward to another creative showcase by GFriend. The girls’ last repackaged album, Rainbow, was released seven months ago.


Through popular tracks “Glass Beads”, “Me Gustas Tu”, “Love Whisper”, and “Summer Rain”, GFriend subsequently secures a national girl group title.

Gfriend debuted in 2015, and has won female rookie awards with their first EP Season of Glass. They held a sold-out concert, entitled Season of GFriend, on January 6 and 7 this year.

The K-pop idols also recently completed their first Asian tour, where they stopped by at five countries. They are also set to release their first Japanese album this May.

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