GHOST9 Successfully Ended Activities With “W.ALL”

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GHOST9 wraps up their promotion for “W.ALL” on a successful note!

On December 28, GHOST9 has finally ended their promotion activities with notable accomplishments and growth in performing on stage.

 PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL Achievements

The group made an official comeback with their mini album PRE EPISODE 2 : W.ALL on December 10, and officially ended their three-week promotion for their title song “W.ALL.”

Through this comeback, GHOST9 has attained remarkable achievements such as topping the iTunes K-pop song charts in Britain, France, Germany, and Belgium with their new song “W.ALL” which further show off their potential as K-pop hot rookies.

In particular, they have also proved the interest of the global market by decorating the front page of the social section of Thailand’s leading daily newspaper “Siam Rath”.

They became the first K-pop artist to hold a solo showcase at the Heliport on the 84th floor of Busan, following their debut showcase which was held 63 Building in Seoul. GHOST9 have also gained huge domestic and foreign following for its upgraded vocal and performance skills.

Powerful performers

The title song “W.ALL” is the continuation of the story presented in their debut song “Think of Dawn”, which showcases powerful performances from the team and member’s charm and individualities.

Its choreography uses various movements that truly attest their stable live performances. Providing a different attraction, the dance routines combined disciplined and flexible lines.

Raising expectations for their future activities, it was evident that GHOST9 has clearly emerged as one of the next-generation K-pop rookies. Through its solid skills, they have further expanded its fandom at home and abroad, and becoming the interest of leading foreign media.

Meanwhile, GHOST9 continues to communicate with fans through various contents, through their own and first reality show Let’s GHOST9 on its official YouTube channel every Monday at 7 PM KST.

Source: OSEN

Photos: Maroo Entertainment