GHOST9 Takes Fans on a Trip with ‘Awesome Day’ Concept Photos

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GHOST9 sparks anticipation with a lively display of adventure and joy in their newly released trip version concept photos for ‘Awesome Day’!

GHOST9 has just unveiled the first set of concept photos for their highly anticipated first digital single album, ‘Awesome Day,’ which will be released on June 6 at 6 PM KST. This new song, written and composed by leader Junhyung, captures the group’s excitement about embarking on a fresh journey. The track promises to deliver an invigorating experience, reflecting the members’ enthusiasm and positive energy.

Adding a personal touch to ‘Awesome Day,’ members Kangsung and Woojin contributed to the rap-making process, showcasing their creative talents and deepening their connection with the song. This single is crafted as a heartfelt gift to their dedicated fans, who have supported GHOST9 since the beginning. The members’ involvement in the creation of the song highlights their growth as artists and their commitment to delivering music that resonates with their audience.

The individual concept photos, titled “trip version,” present a vibrant and joyful theme, capturing the essence of an enjoyable trip. In the concept photos, GHOST9 members are depicted in casual and colorful outfits, reflecting a carefree and adventurous spirit.  Each member is seen indulging in various leisure activities, such as basking in the sun, enjoying a summer breeze, and more. The photos exude a sense of freedom and fun, perfectly aligning with the song’s theme of new beginnings and celebration.

As fans eagerly await the release of ‘Awesome Day,’ these concept photos offer a delightful preview of the fun and energetic vibe that GHOST9 is set to bring. The group’s dedication to involving themselves in the creative process and their efforts to connect with fans through their music and visuals are sure to make this release a memorable one.

Image Credits: Maroo Entertainment