(G)I-DLE Powerfully Recreate 4Minute’s “Crazy” In Special Relay Dance Cover

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(G)I-DLE show off what powerful means in a special relay dance cover of 4Minute’s “Crazy”!

(G)I-DLE display each members’ unique and fierce colors in a special relay dance cover of 4Minute’s “Crazy.”

On January 30, the bewitching 6-member Cube Entertainment girl group added another amazing video on M2’s “Relay Dance” series. The series features idols taking turns to dance in front of the camera while in a straight line.

Starting the track with HyunA’s “I’m the female monster,” Shuhua moves in front, signalling the arrival of another ipdeok (the start of being a fan) video.

As if possessed by 4Minute’s overflowing charisma, each (G)I-DLE member take turns showing off their crazy dance moves. Particularly, Soyeon’s part when she danced the chorus was simply spectacular. Followed by the main dancer Soojin, this relay dance cover was absolutely perfect.

“Crazy” was the title track of 4Minute’s sixth EP released in February 2015. The song gained lots of attention upon release with its strong and catchy chorus, accompanied by a superb music video. “Crazy” was perhaps 4Minute’s most striking and fierce music that perfectly embodies the group’s overflowing charisma.

Previously, (G)I-DLE went viral with the dance cover of 4Minute’s debut song “Hot Issue” at the DMC Festival in 2018.

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE already took home their 9th music show win for “HWAA” during the January 30 broadcast of SBS’ Inkigayo.

Video Source: SBS | CUBE Entertainment