Girl’s Day Flaunts Charm in “Hello Bubble” MV

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After teasing fans with a preview video for the group’s new project single Hello Bubble on May 8, Girl’s Day has uploaded a bright and colorful music video for the song onto the group’s official YouTube channel, capturing many DAISIES’ heart with its adorable concept.

Hello Bubble is a collaborative product between the girls and the hair care brand mise-en-scene that they are currently modeling for. It is composed by hit-making duo Duble Sidekick and TENZO&TASCO.

The music video for Hello Bubble is filmed in a fresh and bubbly way, showing off the quartet’s energetic charm and flawless beauty with different trendy hair colors from mise-en-scene’s newest hair-dye products. With catchy beat, cute dance moves and mellow voices, Girl’s Day has given fans a sweet gift before making its official comeback to the music scene.

The group’s agency Dream Tea Entertainment revealed: “It′ll be a confession song that will give confidence to men and women to confess in 2015.”

Check out the music video for Hello Bubble below:


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