Girl’s Day’s Sojin Decides Not To Renew Contract With Dream Tea Entertainment

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Girl’s Day’s Sojin becomes the group’s first member to announce her decision following their contract expiration this year with Dream T Entertainment.

Unfortunately, Sojin has opted not to renew her contract with the agency, as confirmed on January 11.

Photo from Dream T Entertainment

“Sojin’s exclusive contract with Dream T Entertainment is expiring in February 2019 and she has decided not to renew with the company,” they said in their official statement after reports and speculations regarding the group’s contract expirations circulated earlier.

As for the three remaining members Yura, Minah, and Hyeri, the agency stated that their contracts will expire this 2019 as well, but they still have ample time left to make their decisions.

“The remaining members’ contracts will also expire this year, and they are currently discussing with the company,” Dream T Entertainment said. According to reports, the girls wish to continue their careers in acting instead and are on the lookout for an agency which would let them pursue and focus on promotions as actors once their contracts expire.

However, Dream T Entertainment has expressed their desire to keep Girl’s Day together as a group. “There is no intention to disband Girl’s Day’s group activities. We are currently looking for ways to let the group hold activities together in the future,” they said.

“We ask for a lot of support so that all of the members can be more active and branch out into diverse activities,” the agency added.

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