Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Poses For bnt International + Shares Current Hobbies & Future Goals

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Sunny looks more stunning than ever in these recently released photos from bnt International!

Girl’s Generation’s Sunny has flaunted her captivating visuals in a recent pictorial with the Korean magazine bnt International.

Highlighting her sophisticated fashion, the beautiful idol aced various outfits and made various poses in the shots. Aside from gracing the photo shoot, she likewise gamely talked about her current happenings and future goals.

Staying mostly at home due to ongoing pandemic, Sunny has been enjoying her time thanks to Salt and Pepper (not the condiments, but her two lovely cats). “As I spend more and more time with them, I think I’m growing more affectionate and endeared to them. Although they seem dog-like cats, I can’t help but smile when they stick closely to me like a gum,” she said.

She also revealed some of her hobbies these days include binge-watching on Netflix, playing games on her phone, and reading comics.

Opening up about her career as an idol, Sunny shared her wish to focus improving her inner self instead of trying a new concept. “I want to become a comfortable person who can reveal more natural and honest sides of myself to the public,” she shared. “Maybe it’s because I work since I was young, but I’m still lacking experience in a lot of areas and there’s still lots of room for me to grow. Moreover, I want to hurry and mature so I can become someone with a strong sense of self.”

After recently entering her 30s, Sunny also hopes to enjoy the beauty of her everyday life saying, “Even though it’s good to run forward, there are also elements of happiness each day. From now on, I want to become a person who cherishes the happy moments in daily life.”

Source: bnt International