GLAM’s ZINNI has abs similar to After School’s GaHee?

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GLAM‘s member ZINNI‘s 11 shaped abs are becoming a big issue.

On December 20th, girl group GLAM’s official Facebook page shared the girls’ comeback teaser photos. ZINNI’s photo showed her wearing a black tank top with a leather jacket and training pants. With her thin waist and her abs that she gained from b-boying, the photo has been drawing the eyes of the public.

Those who saw the photo said, “It looks as great as GaHee’s abs”, “How much did you work out… jealous”, “She has ant waist”, “Looking forward to GLAM’s activities”.

ZINNI who has been known as the Ulzzang B-girl prior to her debut, made her debut in July with Party (XXO) and showed head spins and other b-boy moves to gain more attention for the group. It is said that GLAM will be making their comeback at the end of December.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?

Source: news-The Star, photo-GLAM Facebook

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