K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Golden Child Springs With Dark And Dreamy 4th Mini-Album “Take A Leap”

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This combination of dark and dreamy new music from Golden Child for their newest release definitely awakened our senses and made our hearts jump to life.

Golden Child marked the end of their trilogy series which tackled finding one’s self through the release of their fourth mini-album Take a Leap on June 23.

Headlined by the song “ONE (Lucid Dream)”, the group’s latest record brought a variety of tracks that will surely captivate fans.

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Comeback Countdown Timeline

Golden Child made the grand reveal of their comeback details on the midnight of June 8 through an enigmatic comeback trailer. Titled Take A Leap, the group’s comeback is shared to take place on June 23.

They then took off with a tracklist reveal right away on June 13. Containing a total of seven tracks, the group’s members Jangjun and TAG personally participated in making some of the songs as well.

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From June 14 to 19, Golden Child dazzled fans as they radiated intensity and paraded their dark charisma in their solo and group comeback teaser photos and videos.

Further welcoming fans to the end of their release trilogy which started with “WANNABE” from Re-boot in 2019, the group unveiled a music video teaser on June 20 for “ONE (Lucid Dream)” which leads Take A Leap.

Last before they officially made their return, the group brought the songs in their tracklist to life through a riveting highlight medley on June 21. Marking a pleasant surprise to fans, Golden Child also unveiled the music video for “ONE (Lucid Dream)” at 12 AM KST on June 23 prior to the mini-album’s release at 6 PM KST.

Take a Leap First Impression

Take A Leap begins with the one-minute intro “Take Off”, which contains very intense and electronic beats. These connect to the rhythm heard at the start of the title track “ONE (Lucid Dream)” which follows it on the list.

“ONE (Lucid Dream)” definitely lines next to “WANNABE” and “Without You” in terms of sound, although it sounds more mellow compared to the two.

While the loud bass of the song may have somewhat overpowered the volume of the boys’ voices in some parts, the certain pull to the song that these heavy beats gave somehow makes up for it.

Aside from showcasing Golden Child’s wide vocal range and powerful rap skills, “ONE (Lucid Dream)” also provides a glimpse at the group’s upgraded musicality with the infusion of violin elements in its melody.

Up next is the upbeat and also electrifying track “OMG”, whose catchy hook and overall cheery and playful sound captures our hearts.

Out of all the songs in Take A Leap, Golden Child’s vocals probably shone best in “Moment”. It has a more mellow sound and gave more space to the members’ high note showcases.

“Make Me Love” also continues the soft atmosphere and gives off a cute and heart-fluttering vibe with its melody.

The light and sweet melody of “H.E.R” also effectively makes listeners fall in love, which somehow contrasts its lyrics which talk about only being able to dream of someone they admire.

Wrapping up the mini-album is “Pass Me By”, which is the longest out of all the tracks. Reassuring fans that “I’ll be there for you”, the song’s comforting atmosphere makes us lowkey sob while thinking about the boys’ overflowing love for Goldenness. A round of applause goes to the pleasing adlibs and soft falsettos, too.

“ONE (Lucid Dream)” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “ONE (Lucid Dream)” contains various fantasy elements and trippy effects, as if to give the feeling of truly being stuck in a dream universe. The hand of the members covering one of their eyes while the other stays wide open is also a haunting and prominent symbolization in the video which equates to opening one’s eyes and finding themselves.

Its highlight, however, is the captivating dance break which showcases the splendid synchronization of Golden Child. As usual, they made every move and snap look graceful and artistic, once again proving where their biggest strength as a group lies.

Photos and videos from Woollim Entertainment

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