Golden Child Shares Thoughts On Changing Their Concept, Goals As A Group, And More

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The members of Golden Child shared their thoughts on their “future and past” – as well as their present success with “Wannabe”.

Golden Child took approximately more than a year to officially make their return after their third mini-album WISH in October 2018 – but the wait was more than worth it. In a recent interview, the boys shared their various thoughts on their comeback with “Wannabe” and its success, their goals together for this new year, and more.

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“The concept changed 180 degrees. If before, we showed the cute, youthful and refreshing appearance that Golden Child had, this time, we showed a manly and more matured charm on the stage according to the changed concept,” Y shared, noting that giving fans a new discovery is what he sees as the best part of their comeback with “Wannabe”.

With the fresh look and sound that they showed, Jaehyun also picked Tag as the member who suited their new concept the most due to his bleached hair and fancy accessories and said that it blended well with their new song.

Recently, the music video for “Wannabe” was able to surpass ten million views, and Seungmin commented, “We are all very honoured and grateful that a lot of people are watching our music video. Because of this much attention that we are given, we think we should work hard to pay everyone back with great stages and appearances.”

The Past And The Future

“A year and a month was a long gap, and at the same time, our comeback having a new concept was a little scary. But thanks to the warm love of our fans, our activity was something that we were once again very thankful for,” Jangjun confessed.

As for describing how Golden Child’s 2019 has been in one sentence, Joo Chan said, “I want to express it as ‘preparation for running.’ Don’t you feel nervous and excited when you prepare before you start running? I think Golden Child’s past year, where we worked hard to show something cooler and different, resembles ‘preparation before running.’ Therefore, in 2020 this year, I think we just need to run.”

“I want to be a healthy group that is always unchanged and unconventional. I want us to be a Golden Child who is always full of energy, always trying, and always able to develop ourselves,” Dae Yeol also shared his goal for the group in the future.

“Thank you for giving us more love and interest in our recent activities. Thank you for your support and love for whatever we do and what kind of image we prepare. We will be a Golden Child who returns the love and interest we received from fans as we go forward,” Bomin said as well.

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Source: Herald Pop