Golden Child Joochan & Jangjun Steal Hearts In Their Own Ways In “GAME CHANGER” Individual Teasers

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Innocent or daring, who is your pick from the new solo teasers of Golden Child members Joochan and Jangjun?

New day, new individual teasers of Golden Child for the group’s comeback with a full-length album. This time, members Joochan and Jangjun flaunted their irresistible charms in the shared concept photos and films.

Joochan created a sentimental atmosphere while staring somewhere with a gaze full of melancholy. In the next photo, he looked straight at the camera, donning a more casual yet stylish outfit, grabbing the attention of fans.

Jangjun, on the other hand, made hearts flutter with his alluring stare that makes people stop and look. He even put his abs on exhibit, further adding to his eminent sexiness by wearing an all-red suit that matched well with his dark hair.

Individual Films

Later, in his individual film, Joochan presented a relaxed vibe, giving off the impression of being lost in thought. The leisurely feeling paired with a slow melody created the perfect atmosphere to match the idol’s aimed vibe.

Then, Jangjun teleported us to a holiday spot that offered all the refreshments one needs for the summer. Watching him play with the water and simply take a moment for himself, created an inviting mood that no one can resist.

Golden Child will continue with the individual teasers and is later expected to share more contents related to the new album. Excitement keeps growing about the type of sound the boys will present this time, especially after having such various teasers for every member.

Additionally, the name of the album holds a strong meaning that piques interest. Specifically, the words refer to an important person or event that can completely change the outcome or flow of something.

All of this makes the anticipation stronger, as we wait for the talented artists’ return. Meanwhile, Golden Child plans to release its second full album GAME CHANGER on August 2 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Woollim Entertainment