Golden Child Creates A Cozy Atmosphere In “Pump It Up” Teasers

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The next teasers of Golden Child are here and they are looking quite homey.

Golden Child is revealing its latest concept images and trailers one after the other, gathering fans’ attention. The second batch is looking nice with its comfortable atmosphere.

Golden Child

Previously, the group shared its first teaser images, which grabbed the attention with its dual vibes. The boys presented a boyish look all the while showing their masculine side.

This time, they delivered another refreshing concept, focusing on the members’ individuality once again. The idols showcased a preppy look and refreshing atmosphere, raising the expectations for this comeback.

Just like with the previous concept version, the group uploaded a special trailer, which made fans’ hearts flutter. The members gave off a comfortable yet playful atmosphere, filled with a lot of cuteness, while also flaunting their outstanding visuals.

The boys have been proving their rising popularity, especially with the release of their last album Take A Leap. Not only did it rank high on various charts, it also showed the global growth in fame which Golden Child achieved.

The group will release one more concept before moving onto the next prepared contents. Two music video teasers are planned to be revealed on October 3 and 5. Also, two making clips are waiting to be uploaded as well, one for their jacket shooting and one for the music video.

Since their debut, the artists tried different types of genres and concepts, showing they can pull them off effortlessly. With a new comeback on the way, fans are getting curious about the type of songs which will be released this time around.

Meanwhile, Golden Child is preparing to drop its second single album Pump It Up on October 7 at 6 PM KST.

Source and Image credit: Woollim Entertainment