Golden Child Excites With “Pump It Up” Track List

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Golden Child pumps up fans with the reveal of the new single’s track list.

The group that keeps gaining attention, Golden Child, dropped its track list for Pump It Up. From the looks of it, fans have a couple songs to look forward to.

Golden Child Pump It Up Track List

The boys recently revealed their comeback to be in the first half of October, which raised the excitement among their fans. The group also shared its promotional schedule and began the official countdown towards the D-Day by unveiling the songs on their new single.

The track list has three tittles written on it, including the representative piece with the same name as the album, “Pump It Up”. In particular, the song is the work of composer MosPick, who also created Golden Child’s debut song “DamDaDi”.

In addition, members Jangjun and TAG participated in the rap writing, raising the expectations. The two took part in the lyrics of the third track on the list as well.

The group will continue sharing content by following with threee consept images and trailers. They also have in store some music video teasers and making fulms.

The boys previously showed and pulled various styles, raising questions about their comeback one. Fans are excited about the concept which the idols will present and are waiting curiosly for its reveal.

Meanwhile, Golden Child is planning to return with its second single album Pump It Up on October 7 at 6 PM KST.

Source and Image credit: Woollim Entertainment