Golden Child Dazzles In “Ra Pam Pam” Choreography MV

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Golden Child maximizes the charm of “Ra Pam Pam” through a dance-focused music video.

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The much awaited performance music video for “Ra Pam Pam” is now out for everyone to enjoy. Golden Child has made sure to put their best in this sensational choreography.

Golden Child

The spectacular and ever growing boy group made a return on August 2 with its second full album GAME CHANGER. The idols have been promoting their title track “Ra Pam Pam”, making a lot of music fans fall in love with its sound and dance.

On August 11, the group released the choreography music video for the song, receiving positive responses from global fans. The clip focuses on showing the many highlight points of the dance, which truly deserve a lot of attention.

The members present a flawless performance and undeniable synergy. As the video plays out, fans can witness the group’s passion and energy in all parts of the dance, captivating eyes and ears. There are a lot to take in and the boys make sure to point out everything in this fascinating video.

The Latin mood seems to have inspired many of the dance moves, making the performance an unforgettable one that you can’t get tired of.

“Ra Pam Pam” is a song through which the idols want to bring hope to people everywhere. It tells about the strong will to move forward in the face of anxiety, and overcome the hardships thrown at us.

Golden Child is currently busy promoting its new song and album through various activities.

Screenshots and Video source: Woollim Entertainment

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