Golden Child Reveals Attractive Album Preview For “GAME CHANGER”

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Feel the colors of Golden Child in the preview for GAME CHANGER!

After the reveal of the tracklist, Golden Child made many people even more curious about its new songs. To satisfy that curiosity just a bit, the group shared a highlight medley, allowing fans to get a small feel of what to expect.

Golden Child

On July 31 at 6 PM KST, Woollim Entertainment uploaded a video, containing snippets of the album’s tracks. While the ears would be busy enjoying the many sounds that GAME CHANGER has to offer, the eyes can bask in the beautiful photoshoot scenes playing in the background.

The sneak peek began with a fitting thrilling tune of the intro that holds the same name as the album. We already know bits of the title “Ra Pam Pam” and the small part included here confirmed its addictive and attractive tunes.

The video continued with the bright feeling of  “Bottom Of The Ocean” and the energizing “빵빠레” that holds a lively feel.  “Spell” also has a captivating upbeat tune, while “난 알아요” gives a more gentle sound, yet not falling into the fully slow song types.

The clip also revealed the solo and unit tracks prepared by the members, raising the anticipation for all of them. We first got a feel for Joochan and Bomin’s jazzy and gentle song “Singing In The Rain”. Meanwhile,  TAG and Jibeom hinted at their perfect synergy for “GAME”.

Daeyeol is already shining with his talent and his sweet vocals in his solo preview for “창밖으로 우리가 흘러”. Y and Jangjun on the other hand gave an addictive sound to their duet piece “POPPIN'”. Lastly, Seungmin, Donghyun and Jaehyun gave a warm vibe for “느낌적인 느낌”.

Such an exciting album awaits us on August 2 at 6 PM KST, when GAME CHANGER will be officially available on various music sites. Fans can celebrate the release together with Golden Child during their comeback showcase on August 2 at 8 PM KST.

Source: Woollim Entertainment