Golden Child’s Tag And Y Radiate Power In “Take A Leap” Comeback Trailers And Concept Photos

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Making excitement flare up for their return, Golden Child’s Tag and Y bore bold looks in their spellbinding new teasers.

Golden Child’s Tag and Y sent tons of hearts racing in their new set of teaser releases for Take A Leap.

Leaving fans yearning even more fervently for their newest mini-album’s release on June 23, two more members of Golden Child starred in their own sets of individual teasers made up of a riveting concept photo and comeback trailer each on the midnight of June 18.

Making excitement soar further, Tag showed his impeccable skills in tantalizing Goldenness with his ever-enthralling visuals displayed on his individual teaser image.

golden child tag

For his solo comeback trailer, Tag topped expectations with his model-like poses and expressions towards the camera. Donning a stern expression, the Golden Child member emanated a lethal aura which had fans hooked from the start to the end of the clip.

Meanwhile, Y directed an intent gaze towards the camera and created an intriguing atmosphere in his solo snapshot.

golden child y

His individual comeback trailer also made the temperature rise as it heated fans’ expectations for a darker and more powerful comeback for Golden Child. Comprised of far shots and scenes where Y is looking away and suddenly directs his stare into the camera, the clip raised curiosity with the color red suddenly flooding the screen in a part towards the end.

Meanwhile, Golden Child’s return with Take A Leap marks five months since they released Without You, the repackaged version of their first full-length album Re-boot, in January 2020.

The mini-album will be led by a track titled “ONE (Lucid Dream)”, and the group promises to showcase an even deeper and more intense image of theirs for their return.

Photos and videos from Woollim Entertainment


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