Golden Child Parades Lethal Looks In “Take A Leap” Group Comeback Trailer And Concept Photos

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The power that Golden Child held in their latest teasers for Take A Leap is definitely on another level.

Golden Child wrapped up their concept trailer and photo releases by gathering all of their ten members in one set of dark and riveting comeback teasers.

golden child

All set for their nearing return on June 23, the boy group elevated excitement for the release of their new mini-album Take A Leap once again.

After giving fans an adrenaline rush from June 14 to 18 with each member’s individual comeback teasers, the boy group intensified the atmosphere by teaming up in one clip and two concept images revealed on the midnight of June 19.

Through the video, the group gave fans a quick glimpse of what they prepared for their upcoming mini-album’s title track “ONE (Lucid Dream)”. Aside from taking fans to the same settings for their comeback trailers, the boys also dressed up in sleek white suits while standing against a pitch black background.

Additionally, the two new concept photos that the group simultaneously shared had brought forth a powerful aura as well. These dark looks and intense gazes that they displayed have raised the growing anticipation for their return even more.

Meanwhile, Take A Leap serves as the fourth mini-album of Golden Child. Receiving heightened anticipation from fans, it also marks five months since they released Without You, the repackaged version of their first full-length album Re-boot, in January 2020. With this, the group promises to showcase an even deeper and more intense image of themselves for their return.

Photos and video from Woollim Entertainment