GOT7 Gives A Royal Look At Their Prince-like Visuals In “DYE” Comeback Teaser Photos

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GOT7 has set a royally romantic mood for their highly-anticipated comeback this April!

The members of GOT7 posed like absolute princes on the stunning teaser photos for their upcoming return with a new mini-album!

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Marking their much-anticipated first release for the year, the boy group’s eleventh mini-album titled DYE is already rendering a huge level of excitement from fans.

Slated for release on April 20 at 6 PM KST, it will be headlined by a song called “Not By The Moon”. Currently counting down to this much-awaited date, GOT7 has been releasing sets of teaser photos to further amplify excitement for their comeback.

On their first set of concept photos revealed on April 7, GOT7 held a romantic eye contact with fans through the camera while peering through a glass filled with water in between them like a wave of transparent light—reminiscent of an aquarium a la the iconic scene in the Romeo and Juliet film adaption.

Their sharp visuals in the water created admiration by combining their mysterious and brilliant charms. Dressed in fancy and boldly-decorated outfits which contrasted the members’ soft gazes, this set of photos projected a prince-like image for the seven idols.

For the second set of photos they unveiled on April 8, the boys decorated midnight with their elegance and style which further pushed their seemingly “royalty” concept. Moreover, the GOT7 members played off a masquerade theme with the props that they used, further raising curiosity about their new album concept.

Earlier on April 6, the group unveiled a classic, novel-like cinema trailer alongside a set of poetic scripts announcing their highly-anticipated comeback.

Having captivated fans around the world with their unique charms in every activity, GOT7 will  be returning full of romantic feelings this time around and “dye” the public’s mind once again.

Source: JYP Entertainment | Sports Donga


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