GOT7 Shares Thoughts And Feeelings About Reuniting After Quite A Long Time

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For a group like GOT7 whose members had been together for over five years, a number of months away from each other may already seem like a lifetime.

After making their much-awaited comeback in May 2019, the members of GOT7 admit that Ahgases were not alone in missing the group with all their hearts – because they all also missed each other thanks to the considerably long time they spent apart.

Photo from JYP Entertainment

Marking their first comeback for the year, the album Spinning Top and its lead track “Eclipse” finally brought the group’s seven members together. With eight months past the release of Present: You and its title song “Lullaby” in September 2018 and five months after the special release “Miracle” was dropped in December, the group’s reunion can already be described as long due.

“It’s been a long time since we met,” leader JB said. Together with the group’s youngest member and lead dancer Yugyeom, JB had been promoting in the sub-unit Jus2 while waiting for GOT7’s official return as a group.

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“It’s been a while since we’ve spent time together, especially in rehearsals. We actually couldn’t practice because we were excited. We just talked and talked and talked,” he also recalled.

“I felt very happy. When we practice or talk together, we laugh a lot. I feel a lot of happiness when I see such things,” Yugyeom said as well, adding that he also feels a lot of happiness when he sees the beautiful waves of green lightsticks when performing in front of fans.

Meanwhile, Jinyoung, who had been indulging himself in acting project as the lead character of the recently-concluded drama He Is Psychometric, also shared his thoughts. “I’ve been so busy lately, so after seeing all the members again, I felt at ease because it’s been a long time,” he said.

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“I had the same feeling as when I see my mom, dad, and sisters after a long time,” the singer added.

“Since we all experienced the emotions of being separated and then united again, we felt very strongly this time that we really need to stick together,” Jackson also said.