GOT7 Talks About Future Goals And Meaningful Music Journey So Far

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GOT7 just had sent their fans over the moon as they made a smashing comeback with their mini album DYE.

In an interview, the septet revealed their plans ahead and reminisced about their journey so far.

Recently, GOT7 released new music on April 20, along with the MV for the title track “NOT BY THE MOON,” which was applauded for its bewitching visuals and catchy arrangement.

DYE has already begun breaking records by topping the iTunes album charts in 41 overseas regions including Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Austria, Chile, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong and India to name a few.

“NOT BY THE MOON” topped iTunes song charts in six regions all around the world. The track also ranked first on the realtime charts of Bugs and Soribada on the day of its release.

The MV for the title track during the time of its release ranked No. 1 on YouTube Trending Worldwide.

GOT7 further got Aghases hyped when they gave a peek into their lives as they got candid talking about their goals, fashion etc. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Q. What advice or praise did Producer Park Jinyoung give?

JB: Since the choreography is difficult, he gave me advices such as, “pay a lot of attention to dancing” and “I wish I could make the groove feel better.” When it comes to musical interpretation or vocals, there was nothing much to say about it, but I think it’s because of his trust in me. He always gives a lot of praise for vocals and lyrics.

Yugyeom: He always say a lot of good things every time we meet. He always says the most important thing is teamwork.

Q. What are the different activity plans this time compared to your past activities?

JB: We are very sorry for not having many offline events. I want to meet as many fans as possible online. Are you all participating in social distancing? Take a step further for yourself and everyone’s health! We will do our best too!

Jackson: We are going to hold a fan signing video call. It’s like a 1 on 1 fan meet. This is our first time doing it, so it’s both new and special.


Q. Please tell me about the pledge “this should never change”.

JB: Because I am a dancer and singer, I pledge to ‘Let’s perform our absolute best on the stage. I am always committed to moving quickly because I have a lot of inclination for myself. Before I am ‘Lim Jae-beom’, I think that I should never lag behind in all aspects of what I show as ‘JB’.

Mark: This is what people around me think. I didn’t want to hear the words “He changed” for a long time. That’s why I always think I should not lose my original state of mind.

Jackson: An attitude that is not always complacent! And I am always grateful to those who support me, and I think I should put that precious love deep into my heart. ‘Work harder and be proud of yourself!’ I promise this.

Jinyoung: I try not to lose the essence. Sometimes it’s hard, but I don’t want to forget that I started because I wanted to.

Youngjae: Do not neglect the practice! Always pledge and pledge again!

BamBam: I think, ‘Let’s not change as much as a beginner.’ When I think about how I got here, there are a lot of people who are so grateful, including fans, and that’s why I promise to make sure I don’t forget my initial feelings.

Yugyeom: Always believe in yourself and go ahead! Sometimes I am worried that I am not doing well on my own. 

got7 dye

Q.There are a lot of calls regarding fashion and advertising including collaborations with luxury brands. What according to you is GOT7’s attractive quality?

JB: When seven people are united as one, they have a synergy. That is also because each member has a unique charm and appeal.

Jinyoung: Please tell us that just seeing us around will make you happy. Particilarly how when members are together, the energy that comes within us is one that is attractive.

BamBam: I think you like to see us not wanting to lose ourselves trying to be someone else.

Q. In the 7th year of your debut, what do you think when you look back on your activities so far?

JB: Through our activities so far, I have been able to grow by myself, and I think it has become a driving force for deeper thought. So I am proud. Even if I have a chance to go back and choose another job, I will continue to choose this path.

Mark: Thank you so much to the fans who are always watching and loving us. I am grateful to you for loving and supporting us as we were before and now.

Jackson: I still think I haven’t done enough. So, I think a lot about ‘I’m going to show you and make those who support us proud by working harder in the future.

Jinyoung: I think, ‘I’ve been living diligently’. I recently watched the choreography practice video that I shot while practicing my debut song to go to an entertainment program. The rookie’s freshness and mettle seemed very cool, and it was time to look back on myself. However, I want to show as many aspects as possible in the future because now I am different from who I used to be.

Youngjae: Personally, ‘I’ll try harder, ‘I’ll try more … ‘ these are things I often think about. Because I think there are some unfortunate parts I could’ve been better at.

BamBam: ‘7 years … It’s really fast, you’ve been running really hard even far!’ Some thoughts, and many emotions intersect.

Yugyeom: I thought ‘Time is going too fast’ and I was happy to be able to show various albums for 7 years. As time goes by, there seems to be something connecting with fans, and my gratitude keeps growing.

Q. What are the goals you would like to achieve in 2020?

JB: In 2020, I think it’s not my goal alone, ‘I want everyone to be healthy without hurting or getting hurt’. Whatever you do, health is the best!

Mark: We became idols for 7 years. If you are old, you can say that it is old, but the goal is to show people who look at us so that they can think, ‘GOT7 is still trying the first time with passion.’ In short, I want to be a great team.

Jackson: Do everything for the future and don’t forget to cherish every moment!

Jinyoung: GOT7 and I hope that everyone around me will be healthy. Believe that a warm spring will come after a cold winter, and no doubt, I hope the day will come soon that you can spread happiness in your life everyday.

BamBam: I’m really good at health, stamina, and body care so I always want to show fans good looks. I hope you are always healthy.


Q. What do you want to share with your fans?

JB: I’m holding my heart while watching Heart Signal, a popular program these days.

Jackson: I started dieting again! I want to look pretty.

Jinyoung: There’s a lot of time so I spend it mostly at home. I’m often locked in with my mind while looking at the ceiling. Sometimes that’s a comforting moment for me. However, I don’t think you’ll want to spend too many of these times.

Youngjae: I sing! I wish to meet my fans soon.

BamBam: I’m really working out hard these days!

Yugyeom: I love listening to original music, but nowadays I am having a lot of fun creating music. That’s how I got better listening to music.

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